Infection prevention training

Training and refresher training is available for anyone delivering care in the London Borough of Sutton. People who have already attended have given very positive feedback and agree that it was a valuable learning experience.

We are continually supporting our providers to apply evidence based Public Health principles of infection prevention control and outbreak management as required by the emerging evidence, to reduce the risk of transmission of infection. We are providing free face to face infection prevention and control training to all social care markets.

COVID-19 Infection prevention training – OPEN TO ALL SERVICES

2 hour sessions are being held at Sutton Civic offices every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. 2 hour slots can be booked between 12pm and 4pm to provide greatest flexibility.

If you have available to you a large enough room to enable social distancing and a minimum of 5 people attending, additional training session can be organised at the location of your choice, within the Sutton area.

Sessions will cover:

  • How does COVID-19 spread?
  • Hand hygiene
  • Wearing the right PPE for the job
  • How to ‘Don’ PPE appropriately
  • How to ‘Doff’ safely
  • Waste management

Candidates will demonstrate the donning and doffing procedures and will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their practice.

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IPC Core Skills training – OPEN TO CARE HOMES ONLY

2 hour training delivered via teams. The training covers:

  • Influzenza
  • Covid
  • Norovirus
  • Other infections
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Feedback on Infection Prevention Control Training

The benefits of the training include:

  • This training will give you the information required to prevent or manage outbreaks in your care home
  • It`s free and led by infection prevention and control specialists with years of practice in the field 
  • You will be informed of the best evidence-based practice and the latest guidance from and other relevant research
  • You and your staff will be introduced to the principles of good Infection Prevention and Control practice
  • You will be included in a network of professionals including the IPC team and other care home managers and staff. This way, you and your staff will have access to:
    • IPC Championship programme- ongoing support and training for care home staff 
    • Broadcast group- bite sized chunks of IPC advice and guidance straight to Champion phone
    • [email protected] helpline 
    • Alternative IPC training on offer for staff
    • Access to IPC Audit tool to ensure good quality and safe care
  • Your staff will have increased knowledge and confidence in managing the IPC protocols 
  • You can evidence best practice for CQC inspections

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