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Problems with local NHS or care services? Or are things going well?

  • Advice and information
    Together for Sutton provides free, confidential and expert advice about health and care services, and about help with care costs.
    020 8254 2616
  • Complaints about the NHS
    Advocacy for All provides free and independent support if you have a complaint about NHS services.
    0345 310 1812
  • Feedback about services
    Healthwatch Sutton uses feedback from local people, good and bad, to influence the NHS and social care to make improvements. Share your views and experiences to help shape services.
    020 8641 9540 or complete our online form
  • Information from our research about local services
    In the last year we’ve looked into the mental health of 9-11 year olds after the pandemic, Long Covid, health impacts of the cost of living crisis and access to dental care. We’re planning work around access to GPs, maternity services and care provided in people’s homes. For more information see our website.
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