About the Sutton Care Hub

The Sutton Care Hub is the single point of access for guidance, resources and information for all staff working across all Sutton’s provider services.

The Hub provides staff, at all levels, with the assurance that they can access the correct, most up to date information at any time from their computer, phone or tablet. The Hub will support the London Borough of Sutton (LBS), Integrated Care System (ICS) and our providers to work together to build a stable, sensitive and supportive care offer in Sutton. 

Sutton Care Hub

Our aims for the Sutton Care Hub

The Hub will:

  • Hold information, guidance and resources for care providers in one central location.
  • Provide up to date information, guidance and resources on remaining safe.
  • Highlight the latest news and guidance available.
  • Signpost staff to the latest local and national resources from other key organisations.
  • Provide a single, joint calendar for events and activities.

Sutton Care Hub Posters

We want all staff, at all levels to access the Sutton Care Hub and utilise the resources on offer. To help us advertise the hub please download and display the below Sutton Care Hub poster.

Working in partnership

The Sutton Care Hub is delivered in partnership between the London Borough of Sutton and Integrated Care System (ICS).

London Borough of Sutton (LBS)

The London Borough of Sutton is a great place to live, work and raise a family. In such unprecedented times Sutton Council continues to focus on residents’ priorities to achieve our vision of being a borough in which all can take part and take pride.

Integrated Care System (ICS)

If you live in South West London, then we’re responsible for planning, commissioning and buying most of the NHS services in your area. That means hospital care, GP surgeries, rehabilitation clinics, mental health support, learning disabilities and many others.

Plans for Sutton

We have set out our plans to shape our services and work together to build a stable, sensitive and supportive care offer in Sutton. The following three plans showcase our ambitions for Sutton and the work ongoing to ensure the continued delivery of quality, safe services for Sutton’s residents.

Ambitious for Sutton

Ambitious for Sutton sets out how the Council plans to shape its services for the next five years.

We plan to focus our resources on residents’ priorities and achieve our vision of being a borough in which all can take part and take pride.

The council’s priorities have been identified under four key themes.

  • Being Active Citizens
  • Making Informed Choices
  • Living Well Independently
  • Keeping People Safe

Sutton Health and Care Plan

In Sutton, health and care organisations are working more closely together as a partnership. This partnership makes care better for local people because it’s more joined–up and we can organise services around what the individual needs, not by organisational boundaries. Working together makes sense for our professional staff across different organisations: we can build strong and supportive teams with different skills and roles, all focussed on better and more efficient health and care for the people of Sutton.

The leaders in Sutton of the NHS, the Local Authority, the Voluntary Sector and Healthwatch have been reviewing the population’s health needs and current services, listening to local people, and working towards shared priorities.

We want to work together to support people in Sutton to start well, live well and age well. Every organisation has workforce and financial challenges: working together better, with advice and co-operation from local people, is the only solution for us all in the longer term.

Supporting our Care Homes to remain safe

In Sutton, our response to COVID-19 has been built on the foundation of partnerships between the NHS and Care Homes, which has been nurtured and strengthened over years of working together to build a stable, sensitive and supportive care offer.

COVID-19 has provided an unprecedented challenge to adult social care. The residents of the 71 Care Homes in our borough are part of our community and their safety is crucial. The brave social care staff who take care of them are also part of this community and we are ambitious that Sutton should be for them, a great place to live, work and raise their families.

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