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Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing available for adult social care in England

Regular testing will give workers peace of mind by picking up on any asymptomatic transmission and protect those they care for.

Asymptomatic staff test daily with LFD

Symptomatic staff should not attend work and should PCR test immediately

Testing within 90 days of a positive result:

If someone has tested positive with an LFT or PCR test, the testing they undertake in the following 90 days may be different. Full guidance on what testing they should do within 90 days of a positive PCR or LFT result can be found in this guidance

What to do if someone being cared for develops COVID-19 symptoms: If anyone being cared for by a home care provider reports developing COVID-19 symptoms they should be supported to contact NHS 111  via telephone, or online. Home care workers should report suspected cases of COVID-19 to their managers. Providers should work with community partners, commissioners and the person to review the impact on their care needs.

Ordering tests

Report results online

Report positive cases to LA and LCRC

If a homecare worker receives a positive LFT result, they should follow the management of staff and exposed residents guidance.

Page last updated on April 6th, 2022 at 1:01pm

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