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Infection Prevention and Control

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Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs)

To ensure safety, standard infection control precautions (SICPs) are to be used by all workers for all people whether infection is known to be present or not. SICPs are the basic IPC measures necessary to reduce the risk of spreading pathogens.

These basic IPC measures are:

  • hand hygiene
  • respiratory and cough hygiene
  • PPE
  • safe management of care equipment
  • safe management of the environment
  • management of laundry
  • management of blood and body fluid spills
  • waste management
  • management of exposure

Sources of infection include blood and other body fluids, secretions or excretions (excluding sweat), non-intact skin, or mucous membranes, and any equipment or items in the environment that could have become contaminated.

The application of SICPs is determined by assessing risk to and from people. This includes the task, level of interaction, and/or the anticipated level of exposure to blood and/or other body fluids.

SICP Resources

Hand Hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene


Safe Management of Care Equipment

Safe Management of the Environment

Management of Laundry

Management of Blood and Body Fluid Spills

Waste Management

Management of Exposure

Training and education

Training and education are essential to protect people from the risks of infection, along with maintaining competence in applying the principles of IPC. 

  • Skills for Care, Care certificate
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence, Infection control e-learning course
  • LBS Infection Control and Prevention Training 23/24
    • Wednesday 17th May, 1.30pm – 4.30pm, Virtual
    • This course is targeted to: Social Care staff, START Team, Sutton Inclusion Centre, Occupational Therapy Team, and commissioned providers within Nursing, Residential and Day Care Services, including Home Carers.
    • Book here

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