NOW CLOSED – Adult Social Care Omicron Support Fund

CQC registered Adult Social Care providers can now apply for additional funding to support Infection Control measures across their provision, such as:

  • ensuring that staff who are isolating in line with government guidance receive their normal wages and do not lose income while doing so
  • paying for temporary cover for staff who are unable to work because they are unwell due to COVID-19 and/or are isolating in line with government guidance, in order to maintain safe workforce capacity in care services
  • paying for temporary staffing (overtime or agency) to maintain safe staffing levels
  • limiting staff movement between settings in line with the latest guidance, to help reduce the spread of infection – this includes staff who work for one provider across several settings, staff that work on a part-time basis for multiple employers and agency staff
  • limiting or cohorting staff to individual groups of people receiving care, including segregation of COVID-19 positive residents in care homes
  • steps to limit the use of public transport by members of staff
  • providing accommodation for staff who proactively choose to stay separate from their families in order to limit social interaction outside work
  • support to providers in purchasing CO2 monitors or air cleaners for use in care homes to monitor and improve ventilation
  • enhancing local authorities’ current direct payment offer to support care provided by friends and family, including any additional support the carer may need to assist them to continue in their caring role
  • providing additional support to care homes or other providers that are currently experiencing an outbreak to ensure that they are able to put in place sufficient IPC measures

In order to apply for funding you must:

Be registered with CQC

  • Your CQC registered Office must be within the London Borough of Sutton
  • You must have spent all current Infection Control Funding allocated to your provision under ICF 3 (Oct ‘21 – March ‘22).
  • You will need to set out what the funding will be spent on and confirm you will provide evidence of spend.
  • Funding must be spent by 31st March ‘22, any unspent funding will be reclaimed.

Please complete the form here to make an application:

Page last updated on February 17th, 2022 at 9:37am

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