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In order to respond in the very best way possible during the COVID-19 pandemic and understand the impact of COVID-19 on the people being cared for in care homes, their staff and their ability to deliver services, the collection of data is imperative to ensure resources are targeted most effectively where they are needed.

NHS Capacity Tracker

The information submitted on the Capacity Tracker is critical in helping health and social care professionals collectively understand the impact of COVID-19 and be able to support providers to keep the people they care for and their staff safe.

When information is submitted daily on the Capacity Tracker – local authorities, CCGs and other professional bodies are able to access that data without the need for duplication. 

Daily submissions for vacancies and business continuity and weekly submissions for the ASC Fund questions ensure professionals have a true understanding of the challenges being faced and can respond by targeting the right resource, in the right place, at the right time.

Access to capacity tracker data

From 13th April, Capacity Tracker data will be made available to all provider groups, giving reports at organisation level and National level.  We are also introducing a new report; Comparative Analysis, which will allow users to view their location data against a local or regional geographical data set

Masterclass webinars

Various Masterclasses and Webinars are run by the COVID-19 Response Team, NHS England & NHS Improvement (London Region) and LondonADASS Improvement Programme. Please see two key masterclasses below:

NHS Capacity Tracker Masterclass (general overview)

NHS Capacity Tracker Masterclass – business continuity (new questions)

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