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The Sutton Health and Care system has developed a streamlined process for outbreak management which utilises specialist skills from different parts of the system.

What to do if you identify an outbreak

If you identify an outbreak in your Care Home please follow the process outlined below. Please follow the actions on the provider response line. Please refer to the other lines to see the support provided from Public Health England (PHE) and the Sutton Rapid Response team (comprising members from London Borough of Sutton, South West London CCG and the Sutton Care Home Support Team).

To determine when staff can return to work following routine COVID-19 tests please utilise the following flowcharts and full COVID-19: management of staff and exposed patients or residents in health and social care settings guidance.

Support from the system

As a system, we have developed the Quality Framework Outbreak Control Delivery Model (see below) to manage outbreaks. The framework defines the support centred around a Care Home during an outbreak.


Care home sharing accurate and timely information about ‘issue’ or local intelligence received. This could be a POSITIVE COVID-19 result, if so immediately contact the PHE LCRC (Tel: 0300 3030 450, Email: LCRC@phe.gov.uk) and the Daily Outbreak Control Group (Email: publichealth@sutton.gov.uk)


  • PHE HPT provides initial outbreak (if required) management advice
  • Sutton trained assessors within the Public Health Team assess the situation by gathering relevant background information using a risk assessment tool to enable systematic communications and information management including intelligence about current situation, known service factors etc.
  • Rapid response team undertakes rapid thematic analysis, identifies root causes, risk ratings, recommendations whilst coordinating with care home appropriate and effective interventions to halt the ‘issue’.


Further analysis, reporting, measuring outcomes and risks. Aim to offer recommendations for risk mitigation, contingency planning and opportunity for shared learning across the care sector e.g. via newsletter. 

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