Priority flu and Covid vaccinations for frontline social and health care workers

Flu vaccinations and Covid booster vaccinations are now freely available for priority groups including frontline social care and health workers.

Published on 26/09/2022 in Adult services | Children's services | Covid-19 | News

Frontline social care and health workers are priority groups to receive a free flu vaccination and Covid autumn booster.

Flu vaccinations

If you work in a frontline social or health care role you can find a local pharmacy offering flu vaccinations on this NHS webpage. Flu vaccinations can be booked directly with the pharmacy or, in some cases, by walking-in without an appointment – although it might be a good idea to call ahead to check first.

The pharmacist may ask you to prove where you work so take an ID badge to show if requested. Please let your manager know when you’ve had your vaccination and claim the cost back through iTrent in the usual way.  

People with a weakened immune system or who are pregnant can also get a free flu vaccination now. They will become freely available for everyone aged 50 years old and over from October.

Covid autumn booster

All frontline social and health care workers and anyone with a weakened immune system can now book online for a Covid autumn booster appointment using the NHS national booking website.

You can also book first and second doses of the Covid vaccine for all adults and children aged five years old and over, if you haven’t already done so.

We strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible, and is able to, take up the flu and Covid-19 booster vaccination offers as soon as possible. Both viruses can easily spread from person to person, even between those not showing symptoms, and can be very dangerous for people who are vulnerable to infection.

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